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We invest into listed companies through equity and equity-linked solutions. We can provide short-term equity financing and we also invest in equity as long-term key shareholder. We aim to help companies realize their full growth potential.

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Our Investment Approach

Park Partners helps revive listed companies through flexible and attractive investment solutions with the objective of enabling growth and generating long-term value. We focus on four key pillars:

Booming market

Listed small to mid-cap companies willing to finance their growth through alternative financing

Strong Equity Story

Funds allocated to growth projects that create short-term positive cashflow and long-term value


Investments in regulated listed companies, with companies determining the timing of fundraising

Attractive Financing

Various equity-linked solutions, such as IPO participation, private placement, convertible notes, warrants, debt-equitization, etc.

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History of the Business

November 2018

Establishment of Park Partners

November 2020

EUR. 20 million loan with warrants attached provided to energy sector

February 2021

EUR. 187 million in convertible bonds with warrants funding provided to healthcare and renewables energy industries

March 2021

EUR. 200 million in convertible bonds with warrants funding provided to energy sector

The Year of 2021

Initiated over EUR. 500 million in equity-linked financing

March 2022

Key long-term shareholder of two companies listed on Euronext Growth (Healthcare and Advertising sectors)

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