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Our mission is to support and collaborate with companies, enabling them to break new grounds thanks to a flexible series of investments. 

We invest through different types of financial instruments such as private placement, straight equity or convertible bonds. 

We collaborate with listed companies across different sectors and markets. Our fields of expertise cover: Life Sciences, Mining, Software and Energy, worldwide.

Equity financing carries no repayment obligation and ensures our clients of the working capital required to grow their business.

This financing is very easy to set up (no roadshow, no excessive due diligence, etc.). In addition, it does not affect the debt ratio of the companies nor their assets. Furthermore, companies control the timing of the issuance.

Equity linked solutions are relevant at any stage of the companies’ development. Indeed, such financing may ensure a bridge pending the investment of instutional investors. It also reassures regulators of terms available cash flow. In addition, such financing is very interesting when restructuring companies’ debt financing or when financing internal (R&D) or external (M&A) growth. 

Equity linked solutions are always set up with the support of experienced lawyers to fully comply with legal requirements. For instance, the French regulator (Autorité des Marchés Financiers aka AMF) requires a detailed and clear information to be disclosed by companies when having to resort to equity linked solutions.

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Our investment strategy is what guides any investor's decisions based on goals, risk tolerance, and future needs for capital.

Booming Market

Listed small to mid cap companies with a short-term need for cash without increasing their debt ratios

Attractive Financing

Equity-linked solutions, such as convertible notes and/or warrants: flexible terms, unsecured and interest free financing with no capital repayment at maturity

Visibility on Returns

Return based on upfront commitment fees, discount on convertible loan notes and warrants

Low Exposure

Short term investment in regulated listed companies, allocated by tranches depending on stock liquidity

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Our process that governs the behaviour of investors which allow them to remain faithful to the tenets of our investment philosophy.

#1. Identifying companies​


By evaluating the client’s background, identity and potential.


#2. First meeting


The human part of the business is of utmost importance as it allows us to find where our interests align.


#3. Our approach​


Every client is unique. We make sure each of them receives a tailor-made solution based on its specific needs.

#4. Closing​


Once Park Partners GP and the client have reached an agreement, we can proceed with the legal part of the transaction and the deal is closed.


#5. Follow up


During the lifetime of the partnership, we offer an additional level of support through our advisory services. We leverage our network for the company’s benefit.